Mark Hogan
Toyota Motor Corporation 
Mark Hogan is on the Board of Directors for Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) and a member of the Toyota North American Advisory Committee. He is also a member of Toyota’s International Advisory Board. Prior to that, Hogan served as a member of the Visteon Corporation Board of Directors. 
A veteran automotive industry leader, Hogan is President of Dewey Investments LLC, a consultancy to automotive-related entities.
Prior to his current role, he was the Director, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Vehicle Production Group LLC, which is a designer and marketer of automobiles, specifically developed and engineered to serve mobility impaired individuals.
Formerly, Hogan served as President of Magna International Inc., one of the world’s largest and most diversified suppliers of automotive components, systems and modules.
Hogan spent 31 years at General Motors (GM) before joining Magna. During this time, Hogan held numerous management and executive positions within the financial group, and also served as Group Director for public affairs at GM’s Chevrolet-Pontiac, GM of Canada Group.
Also while at GM, Hogan served as General Manager and Controller at New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI), GM’s joint venture with TMC, where he sat on the board with Akio Toyoda, President and Chief Executive Officer. He also served as President and Managing Director at GM of Brazil; General Manager for the GM North America Car Group; Group Vice President and President of e-GM, GM’s internet business unit; and Group Vice President of advance vehicle development.
Hogan joined GM in 1973 to work with the electro-motive division in Chicago.
Hogan received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Finance from the University of Illinois. He was awarded a GM Fellowship and received a Master in Business Administration from Harvard University in 1977.