Laurie Harbour
President & CEO
Harbour Results, Inc.

Laurie Harbour, President and CEO of Harbour Results Inc., has over 26 years of experience in operational improvement, strategic planning, benchmarking, and performance enhancement. Harbour works closely with manufacturing companies and their suppliers, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses, identifying existing gaps and risks, and developing a tactical transformation to achieve sustainable improvements. 

In 2013, Harbour Results, Inc. published the 2013 Automotive Vendor Tooling Study and through their work in the automotive tooling industry, Harbour has become an expert in this area of manufacturing. She works regularly with tool suppliers to improve their overall business but also supports Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs with tooling strategies and cost improvement opportunities. Harbour visits hundreds of manufacturing plants each year capturing best practices and driving project results. She is a regular speaker to companies and forums on numerous topics and is regularly quoted in local and national publications as an experienced auto and operational analyst.