Kenneth DeWoskin, Ph.D.
Senior Advisor
Deloitte China Services Group  

Ken DeWoskin is a former Partner for China Strategy and Business Development at one of the Big Four, and now serves as a Senior Advisor to Deloitte China and Chairman of Deloitte's China Research and Insight Center (CRIC). He concurrently serves as Senior Advisor to The Conference Board and The Conference Board China Center for Business and Economics. A former Professor of International Business and Chairman and Professor of Asian Cultures at the University of Michigan, DeWoskin has been involved with China for over 48 years and has lived and worked extensively in both China and Japan. 

DeWoskin's direct experience with mainland China goes back to 1977. He has served numerous clients in financial and strategic investment, automotive and industrial sectors, energy, telecommunications, consumer products, retail, entertainment, media, IT, software, pharmaceutical, logistics, and financial service industries. 

DeWoskin has taught numerous executive education programs for Michigan, Singapore Management University, and Wharton. He has appeared in media interviews with the New York Times, Financial Times, Economist, Bloomberg, SCMP, People's Daily, China Daily, CNBC, Business Week, Fortune, Asian Wall Street Journal, Hong Kong Economic Review, Xinhua News Agency, the Washington Post, BBC World Services, and major networks and wire services. He has presented on China business issues across the U.S. and throughout Asia and Europe, in the World Economic Forum, Chambers of Commerce, Economist Intelligence Unit, Eurasia Group, the Conference Board, Goldman Sachs, U.S. China Business Council, Asia Financial Forum, China Britain Business Council, World Transportation Forum, BOAO Forum for Asia, in Chinese print and broadcast media, and for numerous corporate clients and business interest groups. He wrote a regular column for the China Economic Review and wrote regularly for the Far Eastern Economic Review. 

DeWoskin currently provides research and thought leadership and consults with C-Suite executives on critical financial, economic, and business issues, and presents at major meetings, most recently in cooperation with the World Economic Forum (September 2012), China's BOAO Forum for Asia (April 2013), Hong Kong government Asian Financial Forum (January 2013), and the Global Leadership Conference (October 2011). 

Topics of current relevance include analysis of China's current Twelfth Five Year plan, the new leadership, scenarios and financial and regulatory transformation in China, domestic market development, SOEs and SOE reform, the ongoing integration of the Asia Pacific production networks, projection of China's RMB abroad and its impact on financial markets, renewable energy and new energy vehicles, the evolving regulatory environment for foreign investors, China's developing agricultural sector, and China's outbound investment calculus.

DeWoskin received his Bachelor of Arts from Columbia College in 1965 and his Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1974. He has also studied at National Taiwan University and Kyoto University, and he is a fluent speaker of Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.