Jeff Makarewicz
Senior Vice President
Vehicle, Quality & Safety Engineering
Toyota Technical Center
Toyota Motor North America

Jeff Makarewicz is the Senior Vice President of Vehicle, Quality & Safety Engineering at the Toyota Technical Center (TTC) based in York Township, Michigan. TTC is Toyota’s North American R&D center and a division of Toyota Motor North America (TMNA). In this position, Makarewicz oversees Vehicle Performance Development, Materials Engineering, Quality Promotion, and Collaborative Safety Research Center.
Prior to this assignment, Makarewicz was the Vice President of the Corporate Strategy Office and was responsible for product, business, and technical planning.
Makarewicz joined TTC in 1990 as an engineer in the Materials Engineering Department, Paint & Finishing Group. In 1993, he moved to Nagoya, Japan where he spent two years working for the Toyota Motor Corporation in the areas of paint and finishing. He returned to TTC in 1995 and in 2002 was promoted to General Manager of the Materials Engineering Department where he was responsible for the evaluation, development, and design of materials. He holds numerous patents in these fields. In 2004 he became General Manager of the Materials Research Department where he led Toyota’s North American advanced research activity. In 2008, he became Vice President of the Materials Engineering Division, and in 2011 moved to the Product Development Office on special assignment to focus on strategic initiatives.
Makarewicz earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from the University of Michigan.