Charlie Cheng
Shanghai International Automobile City Group - USA

Charlie Cheng has been representing the government of Anting, Jiading District, Shanghai for four years. His company has represented multiple multinational organizations around the world. This year Cheng was honored to be able to represent Shanghai International Automobile City Group Co. Ltd in North America. 

Currently, Cheng is President of Shanghai Auto Parts Trading & Collaboration (SAPTC) LLC and helps to bridge new automotive worlds between the U.S. and China. SAPTC is supported by the National Auto and Spare Parts Export Base (Shanghai), a government mandated program under China’s Chamber of Commerce. As the North America window, SAPTC continues to provide cross-cultural communication between U.S. and Chinese tier cities. Company activities and operations include building business, market research, business strategy, sales support, M&A services, government support, and logistics supply chain management. Representation follows the entire automotive industry chain, such as OEMs, the aftermarket industry, manufacturing technology, EVs, connected and intelligent mobility systems, and any new automotive worlds.

Cheng had a more unique educational background being born and raised in Michigan, and then becoming an international student at the Shanghai American School (SAS) in Shanghai, China. Shanghai American School is the first international school established by the U.S. Embassy back in 1912. Cheng studied at SAS for most of his high school education. The senior year of high school was then spent back in Michigan at the International Academy Central Campus. The International Academy is rated one of the best public high schools in the U.S. He graduated with a Bachelor of Economics from Michigan State University.