Asutosh Padhi
Senior Partner and Global Co-leader of Advance Industries Sector
McKinsey & Company

Asutosh Padhi has served high performing iconic industrial companies around functional, business unit, and enterprise transformations. These involve a combination of strategic, organizational, and operations topics. He currently serves as AI Global Co-Convener, AI Americas Convener, and Americas Leader of our Automotive & Assembly Practice.

Padhi is an expert on strategies related to technology and innovation, large-scale operating model redesign, and performance transformation. He is passionate about digital, product design & development, and Software. Recent projects have involved:

  • Helping a global assembly company design and transition to a manufacturing and sourcing footprint that was better aligned with demand, had more flexibility, reduced lead times, lowered risk, and decreased costs (risk-adjusted landed costs alone fell by 15 percent)
  • Leading a team that was engaged by a global multinational corporation to identify technologies that merited investment over the next decade and develop their global R&D operations footprint and strategy; based on the team’s recommendations, the client is refocusing over one third of its annual $1 billion R&D budget
  • Supporting regional economic development efforts that included a fact-based assessment of the region’s economic assets and challenges; future growth strategies and a framework for prioritizing them; and a set of initial initiatives that would produce short-term impact

Padhi spearheaded the development of McKinsey’s global network of Design Labs, which clients can use to examine their products and those of competitors, allowing them to identify strategies for reducing costs and increasing customer value. He also led the acquisition of Lunar Design, a top notch industrial design firm. Padhi has also been instrumental in driving the growth of our AI Digital, IoT, and Software efforts.

At the Kellogg Business School at Northwestern University, Padhi is an Advisory Board member for the Master’s in Management and Manufacturing (MMM) program, which allows students to receive a dual master’s degree in business and engineering management.