Friday, October 7, 2016
12:30 P.M. - 1:30 P.M.

Laurie Harbour

President & CEO
Harbour Results, Inc.

Jim Holland

Vice President, Vehicle Component
and Systems Engineering
Ford Motor Company

Jeff Makarewicz

Senior Vice President - Vehicle, Quality & Safety Engineering Toyota Technical Center, Toyota Motor North America

Laurie Harbour is President and CEO of Harbour Results,Inc. For more than 26 years, she has advised manufacturing companies and their suppliers, working with leadership in operational improvement, strategic planning, benchmarking, and performance enhancement. She and her team visit hundreds of plants each year, capturing best practices and driving project results. She is a regular speaker and recognized by local and national publications for her expertise in automotive operational excellence.

Jim Holland is Vice President of Vehicle Components and Systems Engineering at Ford Motor Company. During his 30 years at Ford, he has also served as Car and Truck Vehicle Line Director for Ford Asia Pacific; and Engineer for the Ford Explorer; Chief Engineer for Global Hybrid Vehicle Strategy; and Chief Program Engineer for the Range Rover line (previously part of Ford Motor Company). Holland is a key leader in Ford’s drive for top quality, fuel efficient, safe, smart, and value-driven vehicles.

Jeff Makarewicz is Senior Vice President of Vehicle, Quality & Safety Engineering at the Toyota Technical Center near Ann Arbor, Michigan. He oversees vehicle performance development, materials engineering, quality promotion, and collaborative safety research. Previously, he was Vice President of Toyota’s Corporate Strategy Office, responsible for product, business, and technical planning. 

Saturday, October 8, 2016
12:30 P.M. - 1:30 P.M.

Steve Kiefer

Vice President, Global Purchasing
and Supply Chain
General Motors

Dr. RJ Scaringe

Founder & CEO
Rivian Automotive

Scott Thiele

Chief Purchasing Officer, FCA - Global; Head of Purchasing & Supplier Quality, FCA - North America


Steve Kiefer is Vice President, Global Purchasing and Supply Chain at General Motors. Previously, he was Vice President, Global Powertrain for GM; and Senior Vice President, Powertrain and European Operations for Delphi Automotive. Keifer’s extensive leadership in the supplier community and strong technical expertise contribute to GM’s efforts to reshape how the company and its suppliers work together to deliver value to customers.

RJ Scaringe is the Founder and CEO of Rivian Automotive. An automotive engineer and entrepreneur, Scaringe was a member of MIT’s Sloan Automotive Laboratory, where he was part of a research consortium that allowed him to collaborate with top engineers from several company. The research helped identify the need for additional flexibility and efficiency in manufacturing and engineering systems. His company, Rivian, was formed to create a new vehicle experience, beginning with a “clean sheet” approach and developing an automotive ecosystem to provide customer experiences with entirely new economics.

Scott Thiele is Chief Purchasing Officer and a member of the Group Executive Council for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Previously, he had been responsible for all vehicle and powertrain capital expenditures for FCA globally, and also led the development of a global finance platform to identify areas where FCA could improve standardization. Prior to joining FCA, Thiele was a global procurement leader at Whirlpool Corporation, where he held a number of positions in purchasing and engineering

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